Eve M. Schooler



Dr. Eve M. Schooler is a Principal Engineer and Director of Emerging IoT Networks at Intel. Her current work focuses on evolving the Internet towards a Sustainable edge-cloud infrastructure and Carbon-aware networking. She is responsible for setting technical and strategic direction for Internet of Things (IoT) standards and innovation, working closely with the Network and Edge business unit (NEX) and the Corporate Strategy Office (CSO). In that capacity, she grounds her work in industrial IoT and video analytics use cases. While at Intel, she has led R&D on a range of topics including collaborative anomaly detection to secure enterprise networks, data privacy-preservation in Smart Homes, energy efficiency for the Smart Grid, IoT reputation services, data-centric networking for the IoT, and reverse CDNs for aggregated video streams in Smart Cities.


A recognized expert in Networking and Distributed systems, Eve has served in leadership positions in various standards organizations, including: the IETF, where she currently serves on the IoT Directorate, co-chairs the RAW (Reliable & Available Wireless) working group to enable L3 network determinism, and the COIN (Computing in the Network) research group to investigate network-compute-storage convergence, and in the past co-founded and co-chaired the MMUSIC (Multiparty Multimedia Session Control) working group for many years, where the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) was developed; NIST, where she co-chaired the Cyber-Physical Systems working group on Data interoperability; and in the OpenFog Consortium, where she co-chaired a task group on Smart Objects, to tackle increased IoT heterogeneity. More recently, she participates in the Open Footprint Forum, to standardize the data model that lives behind carbon footprint related data.


She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Computing Research Association in the US, as well as the EU H2020 SPATIAL Project. In addition, she serves on the Advisory Council for the Computing and Information Sciences Department at the University of Delaware College of Engineering. Previously, she was instrumental in establishing ICN-WEN (Information centric networking in wireless edge networks), a program jointly funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Intel, where she sat on its Board of Advisors.


Eve obtained a BS from Yale, MS from UCLA, and PhD from Caltech, all in Computer Science. Prior to Intel, she held positions at Apollo Computers (acquired by HP), Information Sciences Institute (ISI), AT&T Labs-Research, and Pollere. She has published over 60 papers (cited over 15K times) and is an inventor on 35+ granted or pending patents. At Intel, she has been recognized by the Internet of Things Group and Intel's Patent Office as a top innovator. She is an IEEE Fellow (2021) and the co-recipient of the IEEE Internet Award (2020) for her work on control protocols for Internet telephony and multimedia teleconferencing.


Eve enjoys combining Technology with the Arts. She was involved in one of the first Internet-wide distributed music performances (to showcase synchronization algorithms), has composed and rendered music for a classic SIGGRAPH animation (while demonstrating infrastructure for early grid computing), and arranged music for the BodySynth (a wearable, sensor-based instrument).



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