Eve M. Schooler



Eve M. Schooler is a Principal Engineer and Director of Research on Emerging Architectures at Intel, in the Internet of Things Group (IoTG). Her current work focuses on developing architectural building blocks to evolve the Internet towards Edge and Fog computing, and in turn to support trusted analytics throughout the infrastructure. She comes to IoTG by way of a year in Intel's Software and Services business unit and 9 years in Intel Labs. Her broad interests lie at the intersection of distributed systems, networking, security/privacy and scalable group communication. While at Intel, she has led research efforts on a range of topics including collaborative anomaly detection to secure enterprise networks, data privacy-preservation in Smart Homes, energy efficiency for the Smart Grid, IoT reputation services, and data-centric networking within a data-centric IoT architecture.


Eve has served in leadership positions in various standards bodies, including: the IETF, where she currently serves on the IoT Directorate and in the past co-founded and co-chaired the MMUSIC working group for many years; NIST, where she co-chaired the Cyber-Physical Systems working group on Data interoperability; and in the OpenFog Consortium, where she co-chaired a task group on Smart Objects. Eve obtained a BS from Yale, MS from UCLA, and PhD from Caltech, all in Computer Science. She has published over 60 papers (cited over 10K times), holds 2 patents (with over 20 pending), and has co-authored several standards, including SIP, a protocol widely used for Internet telephony. In Jan 2017, she was recognized as one of the three top innovators in Intelís IoTG business unit.


Eve enjoys finding excuses to combine Technology with the Arts. She was involved in one of, if not the first Internet-wide distributed music performances (to showcase synchronization algorithms), has composed and rendered music for a classic SIGGRAPH animation (while demonstrating infrastructure for early grid computing), and arranged music for the BodySynth (a wearable, sensor-based instrument).


Prior to Intel, she sampled a wide range of professional experiences; she held positions at Apollo Computers (a startup), Information Sciences Institute (a university research institute), AT&T Labs-Research (an industrial research lab) and Pollere LLC (a consultancy).


Other Interests

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